Why Wyld Prairie?

I've always been proud of where I come from, and Wyoming will always be where I grew up and the state that made me who I am. The 'WY' is the pride I have of who I am because of where I grew up, the friends I made, my family, and my home.  When we were younger kids, we blogged about all of our "Wild" adventures and good times growing up, but my life is changing, I'm a little further from home now, this blog will be dedicated solely to my own hobbies, work, ideas, and goals. Life on the Great Plains is amazing, I've lived near the mountains, but the prairie is really home for me. It's good to be able to see!

Jack of all trades; Master of none

Someday, I'm going to know a lot about a lot of things, until that day I will strive to be a jack of all trades. For some, the figure of speech may have a negative tone, but to me, "Jack of all trades" is very positive. Having knowledge about many things is important where I live and most everyone around shares their knowledge to help solve the problems at hand--although there are at least one or two individuals who I would consider to be masters in certain areas of expertise changing the phrase from "...master of none" to "...master of one".

In conclusion, my goal is to know as much as I can about as many things as possible.